Does Your Kitty Show Discipline?

cats decipline-min

As the popular belief goes, ‘you cannot make a cat learn to behave in the society’. Most of us go hands down with the saying. But in today’s era, when nothing is impossible, you could teach your kitty the mannerism to stay in your house and the discipline to behave in the society. While this may not be considered as an effortless task, you have to get in mind the fact that it is an animal and not a human being. Your patience and earnest efforts are the key to success in this.

Here are some cats grooming tips that help to train your kitty so as to transform its behavior while it shows up in front of others:

‘Catch it Kitty’Trick:

Asking your kitty to fetch a woolen ball, a plastic ball or newspaper etc. articles would help your pet turn active and stay healthy. While it develops a healthy relationship between a pet and a pet-keeper, it also prevents the cat from various diseases it becomes susceptible to, while lying sluggish.

Litter Box Training:

Litter box training method is an effective way to train your cat. Cats have a natural inclination towards burying their waste; therefore you have to make it use the litter box. The process to be followed is very simple. Bring in a litter vessel and place it in an area where your cat can easily reach it. If your cat uses it, it is well and good otherwise keep its food and water in it. If still it is reluctant, pick your cat and place it inside the litter box. The process may not look good, but be sure the box is clean enough. Slowly and steadily, it would develop a habit to go inside it and climb out when it feels necessary.

Attitude Training:

Your cat could be unique or ambiguous as far as its behavior is concerned and it’s the duty of a cat lover to keep track of its act so that it does not harm you and others and destroy your household items. For example, cats have a natural instinct of clawing or scratching things, may it be your couch or a cushion or even your cupboard. For this, instead of getting angry and punishing it, ask the cat, not to do it by taking it to some other place. You could also try some other games with it. Every time your cat follows your orders, reward it, so that it understands the importance of behaving well. If you get furious and beat it, it could pose a better problem in the future.

Discouraging its Anger:

If your cat is too aggressive and in the process of biting or scratching, every time it encounters a new thing or a person, make sure its anger is suppressed by some means. You could frighten the cat from behind or make a loud noise to get it surprised and distracted from the work it is performing. After this pretend that you are angry with it and walk away. Your cat would slowly learn that this habit is not good and leave it.

With such simple cat grooming tips you could not only make your pet healthy and presentable, but it would also develop a healthy relationship with you, which you could flaunt in front of others.