Do Dogs Too Could Wear Braces?


Dental care is an imperative part of dog grooming tips and is an essential one for their health too. This is why the dog keepers are essentially advised to brush the teeth of their dogs on a regular basis so that they get all the oral care that they deserve.

When the dental problems go on a more serious note, vets advise offering more technological preventive measures and one of them is applying braces on the teeth of your dog.

The concept of bracing your dog’s teeth is not a new one, as it has been in a constant practice since early parts of 1980s. Though the concept might have been derived from Human Orthodontics, it has a lot more and a completely distinct significance.

The braces on the teeth of your dog are not meant for the aesthetic purposes, just as human beings like these on themselves. These are purely for the medical reasons and that too after checking the vitality of the dogs.

Why Dogs Need Teeth Bracing?

Bracing of teeth could become important when dogs suffer due to some serious medical conditions. One such condition is known as linguoversion, where the teeth of the dogs grow to an extent that they rub against the upper roof of their mouth.

Due to this, they could cause discomfort in their mouth and in worst case could cause holes in the roof of the mouth. This could even lead to chronic pains and sinus infections.

Bracing would help in pushing the teeth back towards the tongue and thus prohibit their effect on the upper roof. The other problem that could need bracing of their teeth is when lower jaw of their mouth falls short of the upper one and in a condition known as lance teeth (when the lower canines point out rather than being in).

Bracing may also be required when the baby teeth (you call it milk teeth for humans) of the dogs fail to fall decently and keep sticking in. As a result, when the permanent teeth of the dogs appear, the jaws become too crowded and this could lead to infections in the teeth.

In some cases, braces may also be applied when the jaw of the dog has been removed due to cancer treatment. Under such conditions, the bracing may help to prevent the tooth drifts that further add to the troubles.

Diagnosing For Bracing Of Dog’s Teeth:

Not all the dogs that have tooth problems could undergo bracing technique as unlike human, bracing teeth of dog requires a more complicated procedure. The vets would diagnose the conditions, and if found suitable, would give the approval for applying the braces.

The dogs need to be perfectly healthy to take up the doses of anesthesia. This could require steps such as X-Ray and cleaning. Further, they would be required to have an utter tolerance against the pokings and proddings that are a part and parcel of this complicated phenomenon.

The process of applying braces on the teeth of the dogs may take a time period ranging from about 30 minutes to 90 minutes, depending upon the conditions.

Caring Of Dogs That Have Braces:

For dogs that undergo bracing, rigorous oral care is still an imperative part for their healthy existence. The pet owners require brushing the teeth of their dogs with special apparatus and they may also require flushing their mouth with an oral antiseptic.

Under such conditions, the dogs would require a soft diet that does not interferes the apparatus that is put in their mouth.

Bracing your dog could be a tough call, both in terms of expenses and time. To prevent this, offer regular dental care to your dogs for a long-lasting oral health.