Different Types of Dog Grooming Hair Cuts

different dog haircuts

Grooming is essential to maintain the optimal health and emotional well-being of your dog. While there are many grooming centres available that offer a wide range of services at attractive rates, dog grooming can also be done at home. Regular grooming sessions help to spot potential problems right away, that can then be promptly checked and eliminated altogether.

If you are indeed contemplating getting a stylish new haircut for your dog, it is best to approach a professional pet groomer. Do not just select any groomer as per your convenience. Ask around, read up online reviews; and decide accordingly. Remember, a certain amount of research is essential prior to deciding upon the groomer for your prized canine. The most sought-after haircuts are explained below.

The Teddy Bear Cut

Most suitable for dogs with small or medium length hair, the Teddy Bear Cut is so called due to the teddy bear like appearance that the dog ends up with. In this particular cut, hair all over the body is clipped to a uniform length, which is about 1-2 inches. As the soft undercoat lies exposed, a downy and cuddly teddy bear look is achieved.

The Puppy Cut

Another popular cut with pet parents, the Puppy Cut involves clipping the hair short across the body. A popular cut for keeping the dog cool in summers, many pet parents also opt for a Puppy Cut to reduce maintenance hassles. The Puppy Cut is especially suitable for short-haired breeds such as – Shih Tzu, Maltese and Yorkshire.

The Schnauzer Cut

Though named after the Schnauzer, this cut can also be given to other dogs as well. That is, dogs that share the same coat characteristics as that of the Schnauzer. This Schnauzer Cut leaves long hair on the dog’s legs, while trimming the sides and the back to a much shorter length. The hair around the dog’s muzzle is cut to resemble a mustache.

The Lamb Cut

Though commonly seen on Poodles, a Lamb Cut can be given to any dog with curly hair. In the Lamb Cut, while the hair on the neck and body is trimmed short, hair around the legs as well as the head is styled with the help of a pair of scissors. A fluffy, yet stylish, look is achieved by a Lamb Cut.

The Poodle Cut

With professional groomers coming up with different variations of the Poodle Cut, there are indeed many styles to choose from within the Poodle Cut category itself. In this particular haircut, while the legs, tails and ears are left with a thick appearance; fur around the stomach and face is trimmed. The Poodle Cut is best achieved in dogs with curly or thicker hair.

 While there are many kinds of haircuts available to choose from, the above-mentioned are some of the most popular haircuts of them all.