Different Dog Grooming HairStyles


A dog is a man’s best friend. Along with providing comfort and solace in times of need, dogs are perhaps the most steadfast companions that we can ever hope to find. For us, as pet parents, in addition to taking our dogs for regular health checkups and providing a proper diet, regular grooming is also important. Well-groomed dogs are generally seen to be happier, with lesser health ailments in general, as compared to their other sporadically groomed counterparts.

While a haircut forms an integral part of the grooming process, not every grooming session calls for a clipping of hair. However, if you do wish to give your dog a haircut, it is best to get it done professionally. Giving a dog haircut at home, though practical, greatly restricts the look that can be achieved. With a limited number of instruments and comparatively lesser experience, you cannot achieve as many different looks as a professional can.

While there are many haircuts that a professional groomer can give your dog, some of the most popular among pet parents in general are:

The Puppy Cut

Quite popular among pet parents, the Puppy Cut is perhaps the only haircut that requires the least maintenance. Often opted for in the summer season, a Puppy Cut is a practical cut. This particular haircut involves cutting the dog’s hair to a uniform length across the entire body. Usually a hair length of 1-2 inches is retained.

The Teddy Bear Cut

As the name suggests, this haircut involves making the dog resemble a teddy bear. While hair on the rest of the body is cut short, hair on the head is left a bit longer and trimmed to look like that of a teddy bear. Exposing the soft undercoat, the Puppy Cut leads to a cuddly look.

The Lion Cut

In this particular cut, the hair of the dog is cut to resemble a lion’s mane. While hair at the sides and on the legs is cut short, hair on the head and the back is left longer; thereby leading to the appearance of a lion’s mane.

The Top-Knot

The Top-Knot is a hairstyle for dogs that can only be achieved in the longer-haired breeds. The Top-Knot involves gathering some of the hair on the head and tying with the help of a band, making a ponytail of sorts. Hair on the rest of the body is left as it is. As au naturel look for long-haired dogs, the Top-Knot is probably the highest maintenance requiring hairstyle of all.

The Lamb Cut

While most commonly associated with Poodles, a Lamb Cut can be given to any dog that has curly hair. In the Lamb Cut, hair on the body and the neck is cut short. Hair on the legs as well as the head is trimmed with scissors to bring about a fluffy and stylish look.

A dog’s hair – irrespective of his size and coat texture – can be fashioned in many different haircuts and hairstyles. The main criterion while selecting a particular look for your dog can be based either on practicality or stylistic concerns.