Dealing With Pets That Are Mentally Retarded

Mentally Retarded dog

As a well considered fact, mental troubles in the body of a living being are more distressing than the physical troubles. The human brain is the controlling center of all the other organs and the misbehavior of this organ-on-the-driver’s-seat could be highly critical for the concerned living being.

The trouble multiplies further when the mental troubles are concerning the body of your pets. Unlike human beings, a mentally disturbed pet could never be kept satisfied simply by keeping it happy. Instead, they require constant monitoring and a healthy surrounding for them to stay in a better state of mind.

This piece of literature is all about the mental illnesses of the pets and what could be done to offer at least a bit of relief to your beloved four-legged family members. This would include the following major points:

  • Mental illnesses in pets and their symptoms
  • Forms of mental illnesses
  • Diagnosing a mentally retarded pet
  • Treatment and management of the pet

Mental Illness In Pets And Their Symptoms:

The identification of symptoms of mental illness is the foremost form of relief that you could offer your pets. Viewing your pets struggling, without any sort of physical illness in their body could be literally painful, but almost all of these mental troubles in the body of pets are treatable.

Most of the mental syndromes that occur in the body of pets are due to growing ages. However, any critical accident, separation anxiety or a physical body trouble could also induce mental unhealthy conditions in them.

Some of the symptoms which could occur in the body of pets due to mental illnesses are:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Anorexia
  • Lethargy
  • Excessive anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Timid and hiding behavior
  • Improper urinating and defecating habits
  • Destruction of surroundings when left alone
  • Improper barking habits

What Are The Various Forms Of Pet Mental Illnesses?

Mental illnesses in pets could take place almost any forms viz. phobias, anxiety, fears, sleepless disorders, feeding issues or in many cases, extremely quiet behavior of the pet. These are away from the normal behavior of the pet and could easily get transformed to many physical dilemmas in the body relating to their body structures.

Identifying Mental Troubles In Pets:

While you notice a persistent change in the behavior of the pets, it could be a cause of some cognitive disorder in them. This would never get better until you consult a concerned vet for it.

Vets could easily take into account the change in behavior of the pets, with a bit of history about the conduct that the pets have to offer. Just as human beings have psychiatrists for their mental troubles, these vets are certified pet behavior specialists to understand the chronic and acute behavioral changes in the pets.

Diagnosing Mental Disorders In Pets:

Behavioral tests are most prominently the ways by which the vets could identify mental illness in pets. Apart from these, various blood tests, urine tests, MRIs, EKG and EEG tests could also help the doctors in understanding behavioral changes in the body of pets.

Treatment Of The Mentally Disordered Pet:

Mentally disabled pets, when diagnosed aptly, could be treated with various kinds of medications such as anxiolytics and serotonin reuptake inhibitors etc. These are the products mostly used by the humans, but could also show their benefits in the body of pets.

While the mental troubles in your pets are due to stress or anxiety, use of DAP (dog appeasing pheromones) and Feliway pheromones could help them to sooth their nerves in the stressful conditions. However, all these medications should be used under the expert supervision of a veteran vet, having knowledge about the mental illnesses in pets.

Living And Management Of The Pet:

Just as Human beings do, pets that undergo mental troubles could be in requirement of a cheerful environment that surrounds them. These mental illnesses may be a prominent case in the senior ages when the body-energy of the pets is also hushed.

Therefore, offering them surrounding that suit their living conditions could be highly helpful in terms of treating them. Instead of your normal training, teaching and exercising methods, you could use various pet grooming tips to change the methods that suit their own sweet will in terms of their body-management.

Environmental changes around them such as offering them a place away from crowded doors and windows or placement of their bed in a sweet corner, away from the hustle and bustle of the house could offer them a serene environment. This serenity is immensely helpful for their troubled mind and helps them to recover fast.

Mental illnesses take time to get recovered. All that it needs is your true love and care which would facilitate faster recovery of your pets.