Cutting Dog Hair with Scissors

Dog Hair cut with Scissors

Keeping a pet comes with its own set of responsibilities. For dogs, along with ensuring a proper diet and occasional trips to the veterinarian for check-ups and inoculations, regular grooming is also important. Grooming can either be done at home or professionally at any reputed grooming centre for dogs.

Daunting though it might sound, grooming at home is quite easy, once you get the hang of it. Today, there are many kinds of grooming accessories available online to choose from. Delivered right to your doorstep, you can select from a wide range of clippers, scissors, trimmers, shampoos, conditioners, brushes and combs available on the internet.

Understanding the difference between Clippers and Scissors

For a pet parent thinking of grooming at home, it is imperative to understand the basic difference between clippers and scissors. Clippers are electronically operated and can be either operated by a set of batteries or by plugging in at a power source. Scissors, on the other hand, are simple scissors that we all use at home. While clippers are a better option for the average pet parent lacking the expertise for cutting hair at home, scissors are more suited in the hands of professionals. Nevertheless, scissors can come in quite handy for snipping off the hair around the delicate areas of the muzzle and eyes.

Snipping versus Clipping

While clipping is generally preferred over using scissors, owing primarily to the ease in usage, there are many pet parents who prefer snipping the hair over clipping. If you do decide to use a scissors to trim your dog’s hair, there are certain things to be kept in mind:

  • The kind of cut that you wish to achieve, that is, thinning, curved cut or just a simple straight cut
  • The estimated frequency of use, depending upon the specific dog breed
  • Weight of the scissors, while some prefer a lighter pair, there are many who like a heavier pair instead
  • Consider if you want a left-handed or a right-handed pair
  • Scissors with harder steel might cost more but are durable

While a professional groomer usually has a separate pair of scissors for different requirements, grooming at home can be done with the help of a metal comb and a dependable pair of scissors.

Select the Right Pair

There are different kinds of scissors available for grooming a dog at home. The main kinds are:

  1. Straight Grooming Scissors. These are probably the most popular scissors, available in a wide range of blade lengths, sizes and weights. Always ensure that the scissors you use are sharp. Dull scissors can pull the hair while cutting, causing your dog much pain and discomfort.
  2. Thinning Scissors. As the name suggests, thinning scissors are used to thin out the hair of a dog that has an otherwise thick coat. Such scissors have just one cutting blade paired with a fine-toothed blade. When used for snipping hair, a thinning scissors will only remove some hair.
  3. Curved Scissors. Slightly curved towards the tip, curved scissors are used to snip the hair around sensitive areas of the muzzle and paws.
  4. Safety Scissors with Rounded Tips. These are good for trimming the hair between your dog’s paws. Also, such scissors can be used around the muzzle.

In addition to a good quality scissors, you might also require a metal dog comb as well as a grooming table. Investing in a good grooming table is advisable especially if you intend grooming your dog at home on a regular basis.