Could Dogs Too Take Diet Pills?

Dog Diet Pills

An increase in the body-weight has been a common problem all across the globe and it has led to serious consequences. Dreading these, people have commenced with the use of several organic and inorganic methods which claim to shred the undesirable fat off the human body.

You would yourself have heard of innumerable kinds of diet and fat burning pills for the humans which promise to reduce the extra weight, without causing any serious effect on your body.

The epidemic of obesity has not spared even the pets that we possess and due to this, many companies are inclined to the development of fat-burning and diet pills for our pets too.

In the year 2007, the ‘U.S. Food and Drug Administration’ gave a green signal to a drug named ‘Dirlotapide’, which was considered as a weight management and diet pill, specifically meant for the dogs. In accordance with the regular exercises and weight management diet that you follow for your dog, Dirlotapide could be used as a tool to shred a few pounds off your dog’s body.

What is Dirlotapide?

Dirlotapide is the medical name given to an oil-based drug which is said to suppress the appetite of the dogs. This drug could be given orally, with the help of syringe or could be mixed with the food of the dogs.

As this is a chemical drug, pet-owners need to follow all the pet grooming tips and check for any kind of inconsistency in the body of pets which could arise due to it. When you decide to offer this medicine, the pet is to be given a thorough medical checkup first by a vet.

In this, the vet would look for the body conditions of the dog, the height, the increased weight, the working of critical organs and if everything is found up to the mark, they would approve the usage of this drug.

Working of Dirlotapide:

Dirlotapide drug when fed, tends to cease the absorption of fat by the dogs’ intestines and it also works to create a feeling of belly full of food, even when the dogs eat a little amount of the food.

As the quantity of food that reaches the body of dogs tends to become lesser than the normal content, to maintain the regular functioning, the pet’s body would use the fat from the originally stored reserves. Plus the exercises etc. would pose a further help to burn the extra amount of fat.

When these fat reserves get dissipated, the weight of the dog automatically goes down.

As soon as the weight of the dog starts reducing, the vets would suggest lowering the content of drug to be fed to the dog. It is also to be kept in mind by the pet owners that the weight suppression techniques is a short-term measure and the pets would eventually reach for the amount of food they used to eat earlier, when the impact of the drug dies out.

Side effects of the Weight-Reducing drugs:

As these weight reducing measures could not be called as totally natural, they may accompany several side-effects too.
The first and foremost probably, could be your dog’s reluctance to consume such a drug orally, unless mixed with their food. Additionally, Dirlotapide drug may cause a bit of diarrhea or vomiting in the initial periods, if the body of your pet is not able to agree with the drug.It could also cause mild symptoms of salivation, constipation and depression etc.

If you notice any such conditions in the body of your dogs after the dosage of these drugs, always care to see a vet and if found incompatible with the body of your dogs, discourage the usage of Dirlotapide immediately.