Cool Dog Mobile Apps to Look Out For

Dog Mobile Apps

In this all new world of electronics, cell phones have become an utmost necessity for a human being and why not; it has the capability to do any possible thing. You could order for food and drinks, buy articles for home, travel the world, learn all new arts and exchange communications amongst people and that too without even moving an inch from your place. Each and every thing has been made supremely effortless owing to the development of mobile applications, which pave a next step to the technological innovations. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection to it and you are ready to explore all new world of ecstasy.

When all the possibilities have been derived, why should the grooming of your pets lag behind. The advent of technologies has developed suitable smartphone applications that you could use to the betterment of your pets. When we are highly engrossed in the world of apps, we could also facilitate the care of our pets in the process. This concludes that the introduction of technology has certainly yielded fruits that we are to reap using our mobile phones.

What is the use of dog mobile apps?

Doggy Talky, ‘Share your dog’ (mobile app available for iOS and Android) from Doggy Talky on Vimeo.

You could find a hoard of applications with the implementation of dog apps. The internet is a highly learned professor in itself and it could give you all the knowledge on your dogs. To begin with, what kind of dog should your buy or adopt according to your environment and time, how to bring refinement in its conduct, the techniques for feeding it, the place where it is to stay, its cleaning methods, the methods to secure your house so that it does not meets an accidents and most importantly, when any kind of mishap occurs, the methods to mitigate and eradicate it.

This means that mobile applications could solve your entire problems that occur in the dictionary of pet grooming.

Latest Mobile applications for your dogs:

There are some fresh and exotic mobile applications that you definitely need to look out for. Some of these are as follows:


BriskNow app is supported by the android and ios operating system. This is a high rated pet application that provides the entire knowledge of pet-keeping. You could register for free as a pet owner or a pet borrower. It accompanies insurance, IDV verification and tracking, so that it could be accessed safe and trouble-free. If you plan for a vacation while you could not take your dog with you, this application could help to find a suitable dog borrower, who would take care of your pet while you are away.

Figo Pet Cloud:

This application is the first ever venture of Figo Pet Insurance in terms of mobile apps, which uses the cloud technology. Using Figo Pet Cloud, a dog owner could upload the vital documentations of the pet such as certifications, records, pictures, vaccinations, reminders, videos and many more of such items on the internet. These could be accessed quite easily in the future through any device. You could also file a claim easily and pay the bills electronically by merely uploading it. Interestingly, the recent updates could help you send texts, notifications and emails to the person you need to contact.


Is your plan of going out for the vacations getting spoilt because there is no one that you could leave your canine with? DogVacay is the solution to all your needs in this regard. You do not have to insist you relatives or neighbors for the job, but simply access this app to find all the local qualified and insured pet-keepers. These pet keepers would perform all the jobs for your pet while you are away to rejuvenate yourself.

Again, would you miss you pet on the tour? This app has a feature known as VacayCam that would help you to keep contact the particular helper, with the latest pet photographs and updates.

Isn’t it interesting that while you take your dog for a walk, you could do some good for the other animals too.

ResQWalk is a socially inclined application that enables to raise money for the homeless animals and in turn earn prizes for you, while you take your pet for a walk. Every week, ResQWalk announces donation for the pets in a particular amount. If you need to receive this amount, you simply need to check in the app with your smartphone.


It is really interesting to find friends nearby who have the same interest as you. Tindog is the mobile application that could help you to find and connect with other dog owners in the locality. You could take your dogs to the places where they would discover new friends for themselves. In turn, you could also get to meet people with the similar profiles and exchange your ideas and viewpoints for the betterment of the pets. This would render your pet the happiness which he could not derive while lying alone in the house.


Want to buy a pet but could not get time to search the right variety and breed that would serve your needs? Well, to solve this one of your problems, Allpaws is the apt mobile application to your rescue. This app enables you to search the right kind of dog without even moving slightly from your couch. You could search from over 200,000 pet dogs, knowing the breed, size and its past history. You could also lessen your chore with over 20 filters that accompany this app.

Walk for a dog:

Walk for a dog is the venture of WoofTrax‘s that could be downloaded for free on android and iPhone. This is a dog powered fund raiser app that could be used for sheltering the animal. Users could make a selection from more than 7000 shelters and rescue camps that have their association with WoofTrax. Every time the user opens this application to track the amount of walk with the pet, this app generates funds for a specified shelter. It also provides the average speed, the map of the area and the distance covered after each use.


This application could perform a variety of functions in regards to the contact with the vet. It could help an owner to contact with the vet and even if the vet is not available to serve, you could contact any other vet for the requirements. All you have to do is, create a profile for your pet, link the pet with the vet of your choice, select the level of necessity and choose whether you want a live video conversation or a mere chat could help you in the process.

You could upload the photos, videos and documentation in the cloud service of the app and access it from anywhere with any other smartphone. The fee to consult the vet is as stipulated by the concerned vet.


This mobile application could help you out in finding the right amount of walk and run that your dog underwent at a particular time. If you think that you have walked a long distance with your pet, but not sure of how much exactly, with the access of this app you could find it out better. This also makes sure that your dog gets the right amount of exercise according to its size and fats doo not prevail to make it obese.

iKibble Free:

The nourishment of your pup and pup-parent is really a hefty job to perform and you have to be highly vigilant of what your pet eats and in how much amount. iKibble is the free mobile application that would inform you about the right kind of feed and the amount per day that you should offer you pet, for its better growth and functioning. It also tells you about the human food items that are restricted for the pets.


It is the application provided by the Appetite Labs that help to find the community in which other dogs reside. It could be better called as a social networking for the dogs as you could use it to find the other dog owners in a particular locality. Using the GPS system, you could also set out to find the dog owners and offer your pets the friends they require. This would also let you learn the better ways of keeping the pet while you remain in a vicinity of pet owners.


Each and everybody wants to prohibit any kind of danger from reaching their pets, but they could encounter one unknowingly. Under this condition, you could depend on a mobile application for the rescue. PetFirstAid is a mobile application that lets you know all the methods that you could apply while your pet is in a medical emergency. There are pre-uploaded photos, videos and techniques on ways to treat your dog while it encounters an accident such as poisoning or insect sting etc.

These are some of the latest advancements in the field of mobile applications for your dog. In this all-hi-tech world, the technology has led to the betterment of pets apart from the people who possess them.