Conscientious Master- Acceptable Pet

Conscientious Master- Acceptable Pet-min

It is not at all a bed of roses that you consider while rearing an animal as your housemate. You would have utterly thought of the notion that you are interested in keeping a pet or you want to keep it to serve some purpose in your house. But as a matter of fact, many of the pet-keepers start losing their interest after a little time, due to which the pet may feel neglected.

It is a trend and more of a fashion statement these days to keep pets. If you take a stroll at a park or a public place, you would see innumerable masters enjoying the aesthetics with their pets. They may seem hearty but a lesser known fact concludes that most of these pets are not taken adequate care, while they are at home. Each and every living being has their emotions (even plants) and these could only be felt by the considerate; the ones who truly care. How could somebody think that an animal kept at home deserves no love and attention? If only food and water could serve the purpose, wasn’t it better in a street or sitting in a pet shop? It’s a thought that needs to be pondered over drastically.

Why Consideration for a Pet is Important:

Again, it is a clear fact that a living being follows the societal concept. Companions offer the happiness, a biotic organism deserves. Following this, the pets we keep at home are also full of sentiments and this has to be understood very well by the master. Care of pets is an important factor since studies, researches and experiences of people have proved that pets too need attention from members of the family, as they show it for others. Lack of this could show obvious signs of depression and dejection. It could also be a cause of over sleepiness rendering layers of fat and thereby piles of sluggishness in their behavior.

Other very important factor to consider is that unlike humans, pets do not have a language that could be understood by its master. A cat could only meow and a dog would woof, to ask for care. The difference in level of sounds could only be understood by a noble master, who has an utter love and devotion for its pet. If it encounters some disorder in its body, it is the master that has to notice the wrong. A timely care and concern for your pet could not only cure it out of diseases but offer it more confidence and trust that it could have on you.

Do Not Take Pet-Care Lightly:

As a responsible pet owner, you have to be utterly careful of what your pet needs. Some of the points to take care of while you have a pet are:

  • The food for pets is very essential to consider. Merely giving it food, does not serve the purpose of its nourishment entirely. It is the duty of a pet-keeper to keep track of the things that your pet loves to have. Also, be careful of the items that are forbidden, as these could lay havoc on their body functioning and could be a cause of numerous disorders. Let the pet enjoy its food and this could be done with an alteration in the diet. Food is not just a belly-filler, it should be provided to act as a heart-satisfier.
  • The outer appearance of the pet is also to be considered keenly, as a dirty pet could not function properly and also could not get the love it deserves. It has to be given a proper bath, even if it is resistant for the process. Dirt and germs could also be a part of its eyes, ears paws and tail. Be very careful to clean these organs.
  • Schedule a timely visit to the vet and offer it all the vaccinations so as to prevent it and others from diseases. This would also ensure that all the systems in its body are working well and there are no visible chances of any big hazard.
  • Be regular with the exercises that you offer your pet. These exercises would definitely keep the pet vigorous and flush out any chances of disorders and obesity.

These points of pet care are supremely important if you want that your pet should be hale and hearty for its entire life period.

How to Offer Exemplary Pet Care:

If you are bringing a new pet, it is very important to be prepared for the process and methods to bring it up well. Make sure you are organized with the following points:

  • Determine the time that you could give your pet. No matter you work schedules are hectic and you get a very modest time for yourself, your idea of bringing a pet would also require certain time.
  • Apart from dogs and cats, there are various other pets available and you could choose amongst these according to your own will and lifestyle.
  • Get your house ready for the pet if it is to stay in with you. Remove all the harmful and unwanted materials and provide protective barriers outside to prevent flight of your pet unnoticeably. Assign a resting and sleeping place for the pet and carefully study the behavior it shows, before arrival.
  • Get all the items that are necessary for its survival such as foods, hygiene materials and other things.
  • When the pet makes its entry in your house, be careful of its food and hygienic habits. Offer it complete nourishment and do not miss on the schedules to visit a pet-specialist.
  • Get in-depth knowledge of what could be done to make your pet more lively and energetic. If it is showing chances of gloominess, there might be certain reasons to it and you have to find them out as early as possible.

Barriers are Offered, but in Limits:

While pet may be of curious nature who loves to explore new ideas, your notion of restricting it to a certain place would often lead to unnatural behavior from its side. Each one of us has the tendency to break loose and be away from bondages and restrictions. It is same with the pets too. They also want to have the amusements that their life could offer them. Some of the points that are to be considered regarding the pets are:

  • Continuous leashing of the dogs could make them inactive and sluggish. They would enjoy more sleeps rather than staying conscious. Apart from the daily walk that you offer, give it some time to wander in the house alone. This could do a lot good to enhance its confidence.
  • Shouting at your dog or cat or showing them cane would not serve the purpose of their obedience towards you. Rather, it would either make them frightened or stubborn, according to their habits. Therefore, talk to them very carefully and without any signs of anger. The language of love is universal and this is understood by the animals too.
  • Offer it a sleeping place that has an ample amount of area. Small sleeping place would not allow it to rest properly and the lack of sleep could cause problems in its behavior.
  • Offer it a private place, away from the hustle and bustle of house. It could serve the purpose of its resting while there are natural emergencies such as rains etc.

When you offer it more space to live, your relation with it also beautifies to a significant extent. Bondages and restrictions are right, but up to a certain perimeter.

Nourishment of a Pet at its Best:

As already mentioned, food is not just an option to fill the stomach of an organism but a necessity that would offer him complete care and protection. All the living organisms despite of their class and family, function utterly well due to their proper ingestion. Similar is the condition with the pets. If you give them foods that apart from offering them all the nourishment, offer an appealing taste to their tongue, they would show their interest towards the food. The food plan has to be fixed very well and it should include timely appetizers and snacks which your pets love.

Also, when the food of pets is concerned, it is to be kept in notice that it is quite different from the foods we eat, the pets could sustain well on the human foods but there are certain food items that completely forbid their consumption for the pets. Some of these items are hard and soft drinks, human sweets and chocolates, onions, raisins, garlic, scallop, mushrooms and doughy items etc. Be careful of not including them in their diet.

While the pet has chosen you to be its family, it is your prime responsibility to act towards its belief. Each and every careful step would make it trust you more and every part of your inconsiderate behavior could construct walls between you. It is you who needs to choose between the former and the latter.

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