Common Faults Experienced While You Brush Your Cats

cat brush teeth

Grooming of a cat would probably be incomplete without regular brushing of its coat. While you offer your cat a scheduled bath and follow other hygienic steps for it, brushing its coat with an appropriate sized brush is an integral step amongst these.

When you brush the outer coat of your cat, you are not only removing elements such as dust, dirt and other foreign objects but you also come to know about the attack of insects that love to reside on the skin of pets.

Apart from all these, brushing also helps in better circulation of blood in the body of your cat and you could get acquainted with other body conditions such as hot spots or wounds etc.

In spite of this being one of the important steps in its grooming, many pet-keepers tend to do it in a wrong manner, such that the outer appearance of a cat is highly affected. Some of the common mistakes which cat-masters do

while brushing their pet’s coat are:

Use Of Wrong Brush:

It is upon the intelligence of the master to choose the best variety of hairbrush for his or her pet and in this too, many of the pet keepers end up choosing the wrong one.

There could be a variety of brushes available for grooming of cats and these are chosen wholly according to the body of your cats. A long-haired cat could need a stipulated type of brush so that the trapped elements are easily removed in comparison to the short haired ones.

You may also miss certain elements if you use a wrong-toothed brush.

Brushing against the direction of its hair:

While you brush the fur of your cat, it is advised to follow the step in the direction of the hair growth. Contrary to this, if you lack the sense of direction for the process, you could end up more in the annoyance of the pet.

This is because brushing in wrong direction exerts a negative pressure and the hair on its body receive a pull, causing pain. This process could also experience loss of too much hair from its body.

Trying Hard To Remove The Mats Yourself:

Mats are a regular part of the body of cats and these are to be removed with efficient techniques. Brushing its body would remove the mats but only the minor ones, and if your cat experiences a huge tangle in its hair, you would probably need the help of a professional groomer to remove them.

Many of the pet-keepers hurt their pets while trying to resolve the mats themselves and in turn, the cats could become reluctant of the process for the next time.

Not Brushing At All:

Many pet keepers feel that while cats perform self-grooming, brushing the coats of the cats would not be requisite. This is a huge mistake and brushing should not be overlooked for the cats.

Cats with long hair should receive bushing once or twice every day while the ones that have short hair should be brushed atleast thrice a week.

With regular and good-mannered brushing, your cat would certain have a good outer appearance and would remain free from body-troubles.