Commercial Foods- Do They Help Your Pets?

dog food

With commercial, you could think of the foods that are manufactured in industries. These also include the canned food items that you bring merrily for your pets.

The bitter truth behind all this is a fact. A study reveals that about 40% of the dogs are obese while 46% of dogs and 39% of cats die of cancer. The most prominent organs attacked by the chemicals in food are Brain, Heart, Liver and Kidneys.

But you could really put a check on this through a little vigilance. Here are a few truths about the shop-bought foods that you purchase frequently for your pets:

  1. The quality of canned foods could vary: Dogs’ food could legally contain ‘4-D meat’. It could have meat from dead, diseased, dying or disabled animal. Added to it are the road accidents, floor sweepings and pesticide-contaminated grain content.
    All these are highly toxic for your pets and could make them severely ill. Do not go for the cheap products. Cheap price means cheap ingredients.
  2. Kibbles do not benefit dog teeth: You would have read or might have got a suggestion to provide kibbles to your dogs. This is due to its ability to clean teeth.
    But the real world is totally different. Kibbles do not offer to clean your pets’ teeth. In contrary to this, they could have ill effects on digestive tract and health.
  3. Same food everyday would not help: You couldn’t even imagine yourself eating the same food every day. How will it make sense for the dog?
    Pet-owners need to understand, that providing same food everyday could mar the nutrition content in their body. Later, they could get bored and resist eating whatever is provided. Therefore, a change in taste of food is essential from nutrition point of view too.
  4. Corn Killers: Many of the canned foods and kibbles are loaded with corn. This does not imply its healthy source of origin. It is the corn used for feeding cattle and poultry. Added to it are the corn dust remains and dangerous pesticides.
    These corn meals are loaded with fructose corn syrup and corn oil. This is one of the main reasons why dogs suffer from diabetes and digestive disorders. Again, vigilance is mighty important.
  5. Vet may not offer you what you need: Most of the people have high faith on their vets. We do not want to derail it but in regards to the canned foods, your vet may not be correct always.
    A little information about these foods is offered in their curriculum. The foods which they contain might have come from sales representatives, articles, freebies or promotional content etc.
    With less of knowledge about these and the condition of your pet, these could be offered to you. Therefore it is better to purchase it according to the needs of your pets.
  6. Commercial food is dogs’ fast food: Commercial food is to dogs what fast food is for human beings. You would love the concept of consuming Pizzas and Pasta, but know what it does to your body.

Similar is the case with dogs. Canned foods and kibbles may be high in fats and pose threats to the body.
Contrary to this, you could always feed your pets with healthy house foods that could add years to their life.