Clicker Training Your Pets And Its Marvelous Benefits

Clicker Training of Pets

As per a report of behavioral science, behaviors that are rewarded will continue their existence, whether in humans or animals. Taking this concept to another level, researchers have developed a positive training method to groom your dear pet in a healthy manner.

This positive training method is known as clicker training method and is nowadays used to train almost all kinds of pets to be polished in their behavior.

What is Clicker Training?

Basically, the word clicker is derived from the word ‘click’ which means a kind of sound. Thus clicker training method to train an animal employs the usage of a kind of sound to direct them for their activities.

In specific terms, clicker tends to be a small plastic box that is held in hand by the pet keeper. With the action of the thumb, you could make a clicking sound that tells your pet whether it has acted according to your commands or not.
The method was first used to train dolphins and other underwater sea animals where the usage of voice was not possible. However, with time, the method saw its immense utility for the training of dogs and cats as well.

Working Of Clicker Training:

As mentioned above, pets that are offered treats for their positive behavior will learn faster. This is why the pet keepers need to keep the rewards ready before they start with the clicker training.

At first, the sound of the clicker means nothing to the pet. However, in your due course of the training, the dogs would learn to understand the clicker sound when after an each perfectly followed instruction, they are awarded with treats. With this, you could follow all the pet grooming tips and teach the pets, the required behavioral traits.

Steps To Perform Clicker Training:

Clicker training is an absolutely easy method to perform, but on the condition that all the steps are followed properly. You could follow the steps below for obtaining the desired results:

  • Choose a quiet area of your house or some other place out of your house for the process.
    With your pet near you, press the clicker button to make a sound and follow this with a bit of reward to your pet. Wait for a few seconds and perform the process again, repeating it in span of a few seconds.
  • With this, your pet would become acquainted that clicking sound has a rewarding benefit. You could teach them behavioral skills using this.
  • As a start, you could teach them to touch an object such as a ball, a stick or a mat. When the pet approaches the target, make the clicking sound and offer treats. Don’t wait for them to touch the target as you need to appreciate the small commands obeyed properly to get the bigger ones done effectively.
  • When the pet touches the target, click again and offer extra rewards. With this, the pets would be fully convinced that their actions after the clicking sound have made them hit the treat jackpot.
  • As your pets follow the instructions, you could start offering instructive words from your mouth. Words such as ‘touch’, ‘stop’ or ‘wait’ could be used often to get your pets acquainted with your instructions.
  • Repeat the process for a next few days, before you could turn to offer them some other instructions of their training. Once the pets begin to obey your commands perfectly, you could eliminate the click commands and start offering instructions from the mouth.

The above process has worked a great deal on many pets and is sure to be fruitful for your pets too. And this is even better than the positive punishment methods such as shock collars etc. which you use for your pet’s training. Training your pet is all the more easier when it is done in proper rule considerations.