Cleaning Stuffy Nose Of A Cat

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Various environmental factors such as dust, dirt, pollens, sunlight, cold weather and even microbes are capable of causing many body troubles to your cats. While some of the cats could resist the attack of these, owing to their dignified body immunity, many of them are always on the verge of being influenced.

Due to these factors, the body of pets could be rendered disorders such as cold, cough, flu, fever and body-allergies, due to which they could experience a retard in their body functioning.

One such symptom of body troubles is the clogged nose of your beloved kitty due to which, its respiratory system would be highly influenced. Clogged and stuffy nose would also disturb its inhalation ability and in turn, affect other systems of the body.

When the nose of your cat becomes clogged, it is the prime responsibility of the pet-keeper to take measures for cleaning the nose as this is also an integral step in cat grooming. Your cat would certainly not appear pleasant if it possess some trouble in its nose.

Causes of a stuffy nose: 

As mentioned before, there are various environmental factors that lead to allergies in the pets. These are one of the prime reasons why cats experience a blockage in their nose.

Otherwise too, if they possess some troublesome body disorder such as Upper Respiratory Infection etc. this could also lead to a runny nose of the cat, which after some time gets blocked.

The viral and fungal attack from the insects that reside in the body of cats could also lead to infections which in turn affect the respiratory system.

Cleaning blocked nose of a cat:

The blocked nose of a cat could prove highly irritating for it, which could also suppress its daily activities as it could have a feeling of loss of energy. Therefore, you would be necessarily required to clean the congested nose of your cat.

For this, you need clean balls of cotton and a bowl of warm water. Make the cat rest and soak the cotton ball in the water. Next, wipe the clogged area with the soaked ball, making sure to clean the inside and around parts of the nose. Frequently change the cotton balls if they become dirty too early.

You could also make use of unscented baby wipes that could be used to clean the crusty particles inside and outside the nose of the cat. After the process, is complete, do not forget to pat and reward your cat for its patience.

If the nose of the cat is highly clogged from inside, you could use steamy water to clear the nasal cavity. But as you use the method, be careful of the steps so that your cat does not gets hurt from the process.

If stuffy noses are prevalent for long, they could be an indication of some grave body disorder. Under such conditions, do not forget to take your pet to a vet. The cat might require some antibiotics to treat the disorders in the body and these should be offered well within time.