Cleaning Eyes Of Your Dog With Utter Carefulness

Dog eye cleaning

The eyes are considered as the most delicate organs of the body, whether humans or animals. They are primarily responsible sensory organs and therefore, their supreme care is also very significant.

While human beings are sensible enough to clean their eyes, the pet dogs in your house are probably not. Eye cleaning of your pet is an important part of dog grooming so that, apart from its enhanced facial beauty, it does not become susceptible to the infections and traumas.

When cleaning eyes of your dog is overlooked for a longer period, it may result in infectious eye troubles such as Conjunctivitis, in which the eyes show redness around, with a yellow or greenish colored discharge from the eyes.
Apart from this, eyes could also be bothered with foreign objects, dust, germs and other harmful elements. These could also lead to many grave symptoms which may decline the viewing ability of your pet. Therefore, regular and scheduled care of your pet dog’s eyes is as important as its bathing is.

You could make use of the following tips while cleaning your eyes, to prevent it from dangerous infections:

  • Dog’s eye could have a mass of hair on the eyelids which are capable of catching bacteria and dirt. Make sure to cut these hair, but only making use of a blunt pair of scissors. Adopting this step, you could make sure that your dog’s eyes remain free of microbial attack.
  • Eyes of the dog could have mucus deposited in the corner which is to be cleaned regularly. Bacteria and other microbes love to feed on this mucus and thereby, could cause damages in the eyes. You could use a sterile eye-wash for the dog, to clean the mucus around the eyes.
  • If your pet is infected with the attack of insects and you tend to use insect-repelling chemicals to do them away, always make sure to use a protective ophthalmic ointment in his eyes. This would in turn make sure that your pet receives no irritation from the ointment.
  • Always be certain that you avoid leading your pet to situations where it could catch eye infections. For instance, if your prevent it from fighting with other animals, prevent it from exposing to dangerous elements such as dust etc. or even keep it fully inside the car when you travel with it, you could keep the chances of eye infections away for most of the times.
  • Stains which are produced from tears in the eyes are also capable of attracting the bacterial attention and thereby, could lead to infections. Some small dogs such as Poodles etc. do not have an effective body mechanism to discharge the tears due to which stains are formed beneath the eyes.

For this, you could help the dogs by cleaning its eyes, trimming hair around the eyes and using a tear stain remover to remove the stains.

You vet is one of the dependable persons, who could help you out in this process. If you are unsure of any of the steps, you could clarify the doubt with him, rather than hurting your dog using the wrong methods.