Choosing A Perfect Feeding Bowl For Your Dog

Dog Feeding Bowl

A feeding bowl is not just a vessel that offers your dog a feed. Rather, your dog could have a lot of sentiments attached with the tumbler that it views and licks every day with its food. This is why and due to many reasons, you need to get a perfect dog bowl for your dear pooch.

While you use all the pet grooming tips to keep your dog in a secure body condition, food and nourishment are the primary components that could help you out immensely. And while you choose a perfect food bowl, your pet would be more than happy for its meal, be it only once or twice a day.

Commercially, there are various kinds of dog bowls available for your pet’s feeding, which vary according to their size, shape, make and qualities etc.

Some of the most prominent dog-feeding bowls are as follows:

  • Steel And Metallic Bowls: Metallic bowls, especially those which are made up of steel are highly facilitated by the pet owners. This is due to the fact that they are durable enough, have a long life, easy to clean and would not get upset with your pet’s notorious acts. However, these could be costlier than the other ones and your pet could attempt to be too noisy with them due to its mischievous acts.
  • Ceramic or Plastic Bowls: These are also among much of uses by the pet keepers due to their exquisite design and quality. These too could be durable enough and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs to fascinate your pet. However, the quality of ceramic and plastic bowls should be excellent to be taken for everyday use and this could make them costly. Lower quality items could lead to poisoning of the food and these are not suitable even when you serve the foods at a high temperature.
  • Wooden Bowls: These are the most traditional products for feeding your pet. These are low in cost and extremely durable in their quality. But on the other side, wooden bowls could turn stained with the food and acquire a filthy appearance in a short time. The constant usage of water may also mar their appearance and even their strength could be affected by this. Also, wooden bowls would never appear as shimmering and stylish as metallic or ceramic bowls do.
  • Stylish Bowls: With the fashion worm biting the pet parents to a great extent, they desire for all sorts of stylish products for their pets too. Stylish dog bowls, made of ceramics, PVC, plastic or metal are one of the prime choices of these pet keepers, which they would try to match with the surroundings of the pets. Again, these may contain bits of figures of pictures which help to lure the attention of your pets. However, the cost of these products could be one determining feature, whether you choose them for your pet or not. Besides, you could never be sure of the quality of these products while buying them.
  • Raised Feeder Bows: The latest trends among the dog bowls are the raised dog-feeding bowls which, instead of being kept on the ground, are heightened a bit according to the size of your dog. These offer advantage of your dog being able to catch its food without bending too low or even while it sits. But the cost of these could again be a determining factor for their purchase.

These are some of the most common dog feeding bowls with their pros and cons. You could choose any of these according to your expenses, breed of dog, its personality traits and even your living conditions.