Choosing A Hair Clipper For Grooming Hair Of The Dogs

Dog Hair Clipper

Gone are the days when you needed to book an appointment with the pet groomer, take your pet to the place (or call the person at home) and pay heavy bills for the body-beautification of your pets. With the immense application of technology, grooming hair of the dogs is no longer a tough chore.

Nowadays, most of the pet keepers buy the commercially available hair clippers for grooming hair of the dogs in a safe and economical method, and that too, in their houses.

However, with the varieties of hair clippers available for your pets’ benefits, you would be required to choose the most appropriate ones according to the kinds f functions that they offer.

Corded Ones or Cordless Hair Clippers:

For grooming hair of the dogs, it is really a tough choice to choose one between corded and cordless hair clippers. However, you could assess your conditions carefully and choose the most suitable product among the following:

  • Cordless Hair Clippers for the dogs offer advantage of grooming hair of the dogs at any suitable place. All you require is to charge them to an appropriate extent and use them for the stipulated period. But these clippers have the disadvantage of having only a small working period and the charged battery could run out at any instance in between.
  • Corded hair clippers require an electrical connection to work and they also have a limited working span with the amount of cord that comes to play. However, these clippers could be made to work for any length of time, without any consideration of them being discharged.

Other Considerations While Choosing A Hair Clipper:

  • Grooming hair of the dogs is no less than an art, which requires a careful and practiced hand to perform. However, choosing proper accessories is similarly imperative for the job being effectively done by a pet keeper. Some critical aspects that dog owners should take into account while choosing a perfect hair clipper for dogs are as follows:
  • The shape and size of the product should be appropriate to facilitate easy gripping and handling. The hair clipper should not be too heavy that it slips out of your hand while you are up with your work. Such a consequence could be dangerous for your pet’s body.
  • Many hair clippers tend to get heated while they work. Due to this, they could lead to disagreeable burns on the body, repelling your pet to undergo the process in the future. If your chosen hair-clipper too tends to get heated, offer it intervals to get cooled, before your start with the process again.
  • If your pet is too notorious to stay in a single position while getting its appearance groomed, you need to calm your pet first. Offer it bits of treat in between to lure it for the process.
  • The trimmers that tend to produce displeasing sounds too could get to the nerves of the dogs. Before buying, pay heed to the noise produced by a certain hair clipper.

Grooming hair of the dogs at home with a hair clipper could be far more economical, but you need to get the most appropriate instruments for the professional touch that you require on their body.