Cat Grooming: Choosing the Right Hair Brush for Your Cat

cat grooming

With all your intentions of keeping your kitty in a pleasant condition, you might try out every single method on her. But this needs to penetrate the minds of pet-keeper that many unreasonable experiments could also damage the natural appearance of your cat.

Cats naturally have a fine amount of hair on their body which renders them a very pleasant appearance. Apart from making them beautiful, these hair could also be an abode of various impurities such as dust, germs, insects (fleas and mites) and microbes etc. which attack the body of pets.

These foreign elements could render your cats severely ill and therefore, it is a prime need that the pet’s body is offered a good grooming. Bathing your cat is a good idea but this needs to be followed with a rigorous brushing. Brushing and combing the hair of your cats would get it rid of the foreign elements, apart from offering it a lovely appearance.

For the process of brushing, there are various varieties of cat-brushes that are available for your pets. It generally depends on the cats and their health, the type of brush that you need to buy.

You could use the following guidelines while you plan to buy suitable hairbrushes for you cats:

Amount of hair on the body: Brushes are primarily meant for the hair and therefore, the amount of these is to be kept in mind. For short haired cats, you could use a soft slicker brush that has wire bristles in them. Also, these should not irritate and scratch the body of your cats.

For the cats that have medium or long hair, you could use a comb with fine and coarse teeth. These cats require a regular brushing and hence the brushes and combs should be in the stipulated manner.

Dirt and germs: Due to the mischievous habits of your cat, it could get infected with the environmental dust and germs. If your find your cat being attacked by these, use suitable fine-toothed comb after giving your cat a proper wash.

Fleas and mites: Fleas and mites could also have a proper influence on your cat’s body and this could show when your cat uses its paw or teeth on its body. These insects could also render many allergic diseases to your pet.

For the purpose of eliminating insects such as fleas and mites, you could use a fine-toothed comb which entraps them and brings them out of your pet’s body.

Removing tangles and shredded hair: You long-haired cat could get its hair entangled which may result in painful sort-outs. Also, it could shred its hair which too needs to be removed from its body.

For the above purposes, various special kinds of brushes such as furminators and coarse-toothed combs are available which could be effectively used for the purpose.

Most importantly, choosing a perfect brush for your cat’s hair largely depends on what your cat is comfortable with. If a certain item irritates the body of your cats, you need to discourage its use right away.