Best Haircut Tools for Dogs

dog haircut tools

Regular grooming is very essential to maintain your dog in optimal health and best of spirits. There are many professional grooming centres offering a wide range of services at fairly competitive rates. While professional grooming might be a more practical solution for pet parents with money to spare but lacking the requisite time for it, grooming at home is for the budget-conscious among us.

Grooming Essentials

For grooming your dog at home, you will be requiring the following:

  • Shampoo and conditioner – add a detangler as well if you have a long-haired dog
  • Brushes – can be either bristle brush, pin brush, or slicker brush
  • Comb – de-matting or finishing comb
  • Dog hair trimmers
  • Dog hair clippers

Here, it is important to understand the basic difference between clippers and trimmers. While a clipper is a larger-sized instrument used for cutting long hair, a trimmer is much smaller in comparison and used for detailing and styling shorter hair.

 Selecting the Right Tools

When selecting a clipper for your dog, take time to do proper research and select only the most appropriate one for your specific requirements. You can either opt for a battery-opted version or go in for a plug and use variety.

  1. Simple versus professional clippers.At the time of selecting a clipper for your dog, be clear as to your specific requirements from the clipper. That is, is you are looking for a clipper to just cut off some of your dog’s hair each month, mainly in the name of practicality, a simple clipper will work fine for you. However, if you are contemplatingto attempt a more professional-looking cut, you require a heavy-duty clipper instead. Investing in a good pair of clippers, even if they cause a bit more, is quite sensible as clippers usually last many years.
  2. Corded versus uncorded. While cordless clippers usually give you more freedom while clipping, many times they tend to start losing power towards the end of the clipping process. The plug and use variety, on the other hand, maintains the same power throughout.
  3. Blade size. Keep in mind that the lower the blade number, the longer the hair that you end up with. That is, while a Number 5 will leave behind one-fourth length of the original hair, a Number 10 will leave behind one-hundredth of the original.

 Always closely follow the instructions given on the instruction manual that came with the clippers at the time of purchase.

Top Brands

When it comes to dog clippers, the top brands in the market – with an established market and variety of models – are:

  • Wahl
  • Andis
  • Oster

These are the brands used by a wide majority of professional groomers and pet parents. Jostling among themselves for the top notch, these brands have indeed captured the market of dog clippers.

The best haircut tools for your dog ought to be selected keeping in mind your dog’s size, breed and coat type. Always, invest in the best tools as they last for many years to come.