Before You Buy A Dog Hair Clipper

dog hair clipper-min

Most breeds of the dogs possess a beautiful outer coat which adds much to their appearance. On the other hand, this beautiful coat would also require a lot of maintenance so that the gorgeousness of your pet is not marred due to environmental factors.

Many a times, the outer long hair of the dog could attract dirt, germs, insects and other toxins which could deteriorate the functioning of its body. These could show their effects until the beautiful appearance of your pets get faded and it is rendered all sorts of body troubles.

Long-haired pets would also require frequent bath which involves considerable time.

As a solution to this, many of the pet owners offer to clip the hair of their dogs so that it experiences lesser troubles. While there are many expert groomers available who could do the job for you, you could yourself snip its hair at home, if your feel confident of the step.

For the purpose, there are a variety of electronic hair clippers available but you need to choose from them according to the body conditions of your pets and also the durability which they offer.

Some tips which you could follow while choosing dog hair clippers are:

  • Speed of the Blades:

    Dog hair clipper could be classified to two types in terms of speed of their blades:

  • Single speed dog clipper:Which are recommended for the beginners of the process
  • Variable speed dog clipper:Which are used by those who have knowledge of the skin condition of their dogs.
  • Size and weight of the clipper: The clipper you choose should be easy to handle and the weight of it should also be manageable.A good-sized and light weight clipper would be easier to hold and would lend to make your process simpler, in contrast to a heavy one.
  • Cordless and Corded Clipper:

    Many of the dog-keepers tend to choose cordless clippers as they are easy to manage and could be used at any convenient place. In contrast to this, cordless clipper would require extensive charging before their use and they could give up any time in midst of the process.

Corded clipper however could be used for any length of time but only at a place where you could get an electrical connection. You could choose one amongst the two, wholly according to the condition of your house and the way you wish to use the clipper.

  • Blades of the clipper: The blades of the clipper you choose should be sharp and designed ergonomically so that the hair on your pet’s body are clipped easily, without much effort and pain.
  • Recommended oils: Most of the clippers come with specific oils which help their blades to retain the sharpness and thereby, keep the clipper durable and long-lasting.
  • Heating of the blades: Always check if the blades of trimmer get heated too often. This is because heat from the blades could hurt the body of your dogs.

Whatever product you choose, make sure that it meets the comfort of your pet as you would never want to groom your dog at the cost of its comfort.