Are You Appointing A Pet-Sitter For Your Four-Legged Mate?

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Just as the other members of your family do, your pets too require a considerable time of their family members. It is said that even dogs and cats have their own secure emotions and a human presence for a considerable time is vital for their healthy physical, mental and emotional growth.

But coming on to the sad truth, sometimes you could not have literally a minute to spare for your dear pets. Would you leave your pet all alone when you are busy with your work or need to travel a distance for some work?

Instead of offering your pet to some formidable relative or neighbor, the easiest and convenient solution to find a human mate for your pet is a ‘pet sitter’. You might have heard of baby sitters, who are appointed to look after the children when the parents are a bit short of time.

Pet sitters are the similar people that take care of your pets in your absence. For a legitimate charge, you could appoint an experienced, authoritative person, who would be liable for all the duties that are required towards the safe living of your pets.

But just as this solution appears a convenient one, it could be likewise intricate at the onset of your search for a trustworthy person. And that too when your pet is a younger one who is still to be taught the skills of its living with the perfect pet grooming tips by an experienced person, besides you.

If you too are the one who needs a notable pet sitter for his or her dear pet, you could employ one, but with the prior investigations and clarifications that are necessary for the safekeeping of your pets as well as your domestic belongings.

You could take into account the following measures to appoint a suitable pet sitter for your dear four-legged mate:

Finding A Pet Sitter:

You could come across various pet sitters which assert to look after your pet in the most careful manner. However, appointing a wrong person as the caretaker of your pet could not only cause harm to your pets, but could be a reason to the loss of your expensive belongings from your house. You could adopt the following measures for searching a perfect pet sitter for your dear pet:

  • Ask a vet: Your vet would utterly require a routine vet checkup for its healthy sustenance and you could ask them about people who could be appointed as pet sitters. A pet sitter who has a recognized vet relationship could be the handiest person when your pet meets a medical emergency.
  • Ask Other Pet Owners: If you are an active member of social media websites for pets, you could post your query in there for a perfect response to your search. In this way you could also get to know a referenced pet sitter for your pet.
  • Look For A Certified Agency: The decreasing possession of time by the pet owners and the increasing need of pet sitters has given rise to various Certified Pet-sitting agencies, which could be of immense help for your needs. You could contact any of these prominent agencies in your city to get a perfect solution to your problem.

Appointing A Pet Sitter:

While you get a perfect person to be appointed as a pet sitter, this should be followed by your personal acquaintance with the person. Some tips which you could follow in this regards are:

  • You could prepare a prior set of questions to be asked to the person you appoint. For example: does the person carry commercial liability insurance? Could he or she come up with the documents he or she possesses? Could he or she provide with some reference or contact details of theirs etc.
  • Ask about the prior experience of the pet sitters in their work. Also, about the kinds of pets that have been handled by the pet sitters. For instance: a pet sitter specialized to handle dogs could have some troubles while handling cats. Beware of such incidences.
  • Take into account the references offered by the pet sitter. Call on the numbers provided and do double check his or her identity. The pet sitters who have the efficient knowledge of vets, pet hospitals, pet groomers, pet parks and other spots of pets’ interest would do better.
  • Expect questions from the pet sitter. If the pet sitter is an experienced professional, he or she would definitely come up with a number of queries regarding the whereabouts of the pets, its habits, its food, places of rest and other hobbies that you generally follow. Some responsible sitters may even jot the imperative points down in a piece of paper to prohibit forgetting. If they don’t, you need to reconsider your decision of appointing a particular person.
  • After the above procedure is followed, you yourself need to advise the pet sitter about some special traits of your pets. For instance, if your pet is allergic to some food ingredient or some plant in the garden, the routine checkup of your pet, the fears and phobias of your pets, their hiding spots or any other information which could be handy.
  • Take into account the meeting of your pet and the pet sitter. Is the pet comfortable with the person? If yes, they could work well as a pair. You could appoint the sitter well before you leave, for instance a day or two, so that the appointed person could understand the responsibilities before you.
  • Keep the supplies, your dog’s food, clothes, if any and other useful elements such as its toys etc. well in reach of the pet sitter.
  • Offer special instructions to the pet sitters for the senior-aged pets or the ones with ailments. Proper medications in time are a critical aspect for such pets.

With the proper adherence to the above points, also be in regular touch with the pet sitter with calls and messages.

While you do not have time and you appoint an official manifestation of you in front of your pets, make sure that the step turns out to be fruitful for the future, rather than emerging out to be a bigger headache for you.