Are Dog And Cat Grooming Body Wipes Worth Giving A Shot?

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No wonder, you love your young dog as dearly as you did to your infant baby and care for it in a similar manner. Pets are generally tender creatures that need to be handled with utter carefulness, as a slight negligence on your part in their care could cost much, both the pet and the pet keeper. This is why cat and dog grooming should involve a considerable time of the pet keeper.

For years, you might have followed all the dog grooming tips to take care of your furry mate, including its bathing to clean its body. Bathing is an unavoidable chore that is followed in regular schedules for the dogs. Still though, it is advised to bathe your dog only once or twice a month to maintain the balance of natural oils on its body.

But how to clean the body parts of your dogs that get dirty in the midst? A very reasonable method for grooming of your dog in the midst of its bathing schedule is the usage of dog wipes. These dog wipes are similar to the baby wipes that you used for your children, but entirely different in their content and usage.

Uses Of Dog Wipes:

Dog wipes could be a handy option for the effective cleaning of your pets, which involve almost no usage of water. Some of the uses of these dogs for the pets are as follows:

  • Dog wipes could effectively clean the outer dust, dirt and soil on your dog’s coat. Before the usage of combs and brushes to clean its hair, you could use these wipes to clean any visible foreign element on its body.
  • Dog wipes are most useful for areas such as pet paws which have mud stuck in between. After your returns from a walk in some muddy or dirty area, you could use these wipes to clean its paws to eliminate dirt inside them.
  • If you have someone in your house, who is allergic to pet dander, these pet wipes could be used most effectively to clean the body of pets. Though you cannot bathe your pet everyday with a dander-removal shampoo, you could certainly use the wipes to do them free of dander to prevent allergic reactions in humans.
  • These pet wipes even find applications when you travel with your pets. Bathing of pets during a journey could be an extremely difficult task, but if you find them soiled, you could make use of these pet wipes to clean each and every part of their body.
  • Pet wipes are also used during emergencies and mishaps, when your pet is prohibited from being bathed for a certain time. It could be when the pets undergo a surgical treatment or encounter an accident to get wounded.

Dog Wipes and Baby Wipes:

Pet-keepers are repeatedly advised to use only pet-specific products on their pet’s body and not something which is meant for the human uses. Similarly, dog wipes are highly dissimilar to the human baby wipes and therefore, you should care to buy only the dog-specific wipes for your pets.

Though the price difference in both the products could lure you to buy a baby wipe for your pet, and this is also possible when you have an infant in your home requiring baby wipes. These baby wipes bought for your infants could tempt of their usage on your pets.

However, you would also be acquainted of the fact that pets and humans have distinct pH level of their body and hence require products that are suitable according to their body pH.

In addition, the dogs could attempt to lick the portions that you wipe with a particular pet wipe and therefore, it is highly imperative to bring a product that is free of unwanted chemicals in it.

As there are many distinct kinds of pet wipes available for the usage of your pet, you could take the assistance of your vet for choosing the most appropriate one. Dog wipes are generally free from fragrance, but could cause irritations when your pet attempts to lick the wiped area.

Therefore, make sure to purchase only specific dog wipes and you could also make use of products such as Elizabethan Cone etc. to prevent your pet from licking, after it has been cleaned with a wipe.

Dog and Cat Grooming is more of an art that is learned with time. Make sure you practice it well to offer a better lifestyle to your pet.