Helpful Tips & Ideas on Pet's Grooming

Evolution of Dogs As Pet

Evolution of Dogs As Pet

Dogs are the foremost choice when it comes to selecting a pet for the household. With over 400 pedigree varieties to choose from, there is indeed no dearth of options when it comes to a dog. In addition to the pure-bred, there are also many mixed breeds and mongrels as well. Evolving over thousands of […]

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Dogs Breed Standards and Breed Related Illness

Dog Breed Related Illness

Dogs are the popular choice when it comes to selecting a house pet. In addition to a wide majority of mongrels and mixed breeds, there are about 400 pedigree dogs as well. Such pedigree dogs have been selectively bred over the years. Usually, as different breeds were selectively bred to bring a new breed altogether […]

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Seven Food You Should Never Feed Cats Or Dogs

Pet Food

Keeping a pet comes with its own set of responsibilities. While regular grooming and occasional health-check-ups are important, ensuring that your pet is given a proper diet is also essential. While there are many dog specific or cat specific meals and treats available to choose from, many times – either for the sake of saving […]

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Relevance Of Breed In Selecting A Companion Dog

Dogs are the most popular choice when it comes to selecting a house pet. For any person interested in keeping a dog at home, it is desirable to conduct proper research across the various breeds. Selection of a prospective pet requires a certain amount of research as well as forethought. Considering all that are available, […]

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Nicotine Poisoning In Your Pet’s Body

Nicotine Poisoning In Your Pet’s Body-min

Does this mean that there are some smoking products that could even be used by your pets? Joke of the century for sure. However, these smoking products do affect your pets and it is due to the usage by the pet keepers that you could expect such as consequence. Very recently, the use of electronic […]

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Neurological Disorders In Cats And Overcoming These Efficiently

Neurological Disorders In Cats-min

The most imperative of the organs in the body of living beings, the brain, is also one of the most complex ones. It is the system that controls the working of each and every minute organ and therefore needs to stay robust throughout the life of a living being. Just as our own brains, our […]

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Dog facts: Dog Breeds and Groups


Dogs are by far the most popular choice when it comes to selecting a house pet. Dogs can be divided into various categories on the basis of a set criterion. While dogs are generally categorized on the basis of size or coat type, another basis for classification can be that of the use that a […]

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Dog Breeds And Their Characteristics

Dog Breed

Domestic dog, or canis lupis familiaris, offers a wide range of options to choose from. From miniature Poodles to Great Danes, and from Shih Tzus to Guard Dogs, there is a perfect dog for almost everyone. When it comes to selecting the ideal dog for your specific requirements, some amount of research is necessary to […]

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Dog Breed Characteristics

Physical features

Dogs are the most popular choice when it comes to selecting a house pet. With many pure breeds, as well as mixed dog breeds, evolving over the years, today there are over 400 varieties of dogs in the world. Domestic dog, or canis lupus familiaris, has much in common with the dingoes, foxes, wolves and […]

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How to Bathe Your Dog at Home?

how to bathe a puppy

Bathing forms an integral part of the grooming session. For a pet parent attempting grooming at home for the first time, it is important to understand the process involved. The internet offers many how-to videos and write-ups by actual pet parents as well as the experts. “How to bathe dog” is a quite commonly searched […]

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Modern Substitutes Of The Elizabethan Collar For Your Pets

Elizabethan Coller for Pets-min

While your pet is a notorious one, you could always expect it to meet accidents. And all these irritating wounds and injured spaces could turn more irritating when your pet uses its mouth to lick the damaged portions. It is said that the saliva of your pet contains some medicated elements which facilitates the haste […]

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Mineral Calcium And Its Supplements For Dogs: What You Need To Know

Mineral calcium for dog-min

Grooming of a pet is lot more than what you anticipate it to be. Rather than being concerned just for the outer beautification, you also requires the perfect pet grooming tips to know the whatabouts of a pet’s inner self. And this is majorly identified by your pet’s regular visit to a vet. For a […]

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Magnet Therapy For Your Pets And Its Effectiveness

Magnetic Therapy For pets-min

The use of magnets would probably had enchanted you as a kid, but these strong attracting and repelling substances have found a great application in the mechanical industry. Nowadays, use of magnets is also very prominent in the medical industries as a popular sort of treatment method. What Is Magnet Therapy? The medical use of […]

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Lyme Diseases In Dogs,Their Treatment And Prevention Measures

Lyme Diseases In Dogs-min

You must be familiar with most of the methods that could lend a hand in keeping your pet clean from outside. These pet grooming methods are highly essential for keeping intact the health and hygiene of your beloved pets. But very often, the body of pets is attacked by nasty ticks that prove a high […]

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Longest Living Dog Breeds Of The World

Dogs Breed of The World-min

When you buy a pet dog, you could estimate its average life of about 10 to 14 years. This is generally the life span up to which most of the dogs continue their services for the master. In contrast to this, An Australian dog named Maggie who died in April, 2016, was supposed to have […]

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Latest Technological Inventions To Keep Your Cats Healthy

latest technology for cats health-min

In the era where every single thing is experiencing an influence due to the ever-evolving technology, the inventors have not spared even the pets that we possess. This is why, there are hoards of commercial products and gadgets that are primarily meant to keep your pets hale and hearty. As per the American Pet Product […]

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Keeping Birds And Other Pets Together: Better Said Than Done

Birds and other pets at home-min

When nature created a diversity of organisms, it made its own rules for predators and preys. Though, both these elements of nature could co-exist in a single kind of environment, they possess some specific traits with which they could survive against each other. For instance, the predators depend on preys for their food and the […]

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Dog Breeds That Are Overwhelmingly Affectionate

Labrador Retriever

Dogs are, by and large, the favorite when it comes to keeping a pet at home. Different levels of affection can be witnessed across the various dog breeds. While some are more affectionate than others, there are also certain dogs that require more space than the rest. Here are some dog breeds generally known to […]

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Is Your Dog Snoring Way Too Much?

snoring habit of dog-min

The effective use of all the pet grooming tips to enhance the outer appearance of your pet would get marred the very instance when someone find your beautiful pet snoring. A snore is rather a defect that is not loved by the humans, whether from some other human beings close by or even your pets. […]

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Is Your Dog Having A Swollen Ear?

Dog Swollen Ear-min

The auditory capability of a dog is one of the best sensing qualities that it possesses and is many times better than the human beings. If you have a pet dog, you would have heard it barking many a times due to some unidentified reason. However, the sounds that could not be perceived by the […]

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Treats for your Dog- Good to See & Great to Taste


A gourmet treat for your dog, while looks appealing to the eye, appears to require a master-chef level of expertise. Though a daunting task it might seem on the face of it, dishing out such treats from your own pantry is quite easy actually. Scroll down to find some really easy treats for your dog […]

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