Cat Diseases And How Do They Occur

The bubbly and mischievous kitty that you possess might look mighty healthy, but it could be subjected to a number of disorders. What do you do to groom it? You give it a bath, clean its sense organs, might clean its inner parts and also offer a cut in its hair. All these are good as far as the physical appearance is concerned but there is more to the body of cats that might not be legible to the human eyes. It is the hoard of diseases that occur not only due to dangerous environment but also because of the nourishment and ingestion it takes.

A cat may unknowingly devour items that are restricted for it or the diminutive knowledge of its master may bestow it troubles due to its feed. Whatever the case may be, the disorders in cat develop slowly with time but they could be utterly fatal if not given proper attention. With apposite care and treatment, the most lethal disorders could also be mitigated in a trice.

While you take the most effective care of your cat, it is necessary to know about the diseases your cat could be subject to. Some of the diseases in this regards are as follows:

  • Acral Lick Dermatitis:

It is the disease that occurs when the backside of the ankle or toes become swelled, firm, raised or develop ulcers. There could be various causes of its occurrence such as dermal diseases, fungal infections, allergies, hormonal problems, nervous troubles, cancers and arthritis etc. In such a case, the cat is taken to the vet and he diagnoses the cause according to the previous history or recent effects of substances.

  • Cholangiohepatitis (Liver Disease):

The disease is rather a disorder in the liver when the organ is affected by the inflammations, such that the liver and bile secretion is not rigorous. The most common cause of this contagion is bacterial and fungal infection which could cause digestive tract malfunctioning. With the advanced medical techniques, this disease could be controlled easily.

  • Diabetes Mellitus:

The lesser production of insulin in the body of cats could result in the rise of level of blood sugar. This upsurge of sugar is called diabetes and is the mother to a hoard of body disorders, some of which are highly catastrophic in nature. It could cause loss of appetite, loss in weight, kidney problems, heart disorders, coma and even lead to the death of pet in the long run. Therefore, the diet of the cat and proper medication is obligatory as soon as the disease is detected.

  • Kidney Disease:

Kidney disorders could either be inborn or when the renal parenchyma, the main functional unit of kidney is displaced by innumerable ulcers. These diseases could cause an utter dysfunction in the kidneys and the entire urinary system could be affected by it. Blood in urine, abdominal pain and enlarged abdomen are prominent symptoms to the kidney disorders. The cat is diagnosed by the vet and suitable medications are offered to cure it out.

  • Urinary Tract Disease:

Diseases in urinary system could be a result of improper diet of the pet or indecent medications previously. In such a case, the cat may behave weird while the urinary system may not function well according to the needs. You could get the cat diagnosed where several tests such as blood test, X-ray and ultrasound are offered to find the specific disorder and offer appropriate medications.

  • Feline Asthma:

Asthma in cats occurs when the Bronchi and bronchioles in the lungs stay affected with the inflammations. It could be sudden (acute) or of long-term (chronic). Asthmatic cats find difficulty in breathing and could be regularly affected with cough, cold, sneezes, feeble body and sluggishness. The vets, who specialize in curing this, would check the cat and offer a few suggestions on its food and the environment it lives in, to offer treatment.

  • Hyperthyroidism:

This disease is characterized with an increase in the level of thyroid hormones in the cats. Sometimes when the pituitary gland does not function well, it cause an imbalance in the secretion of thyroid which results in symptoms such as bulge in the body, increased appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, aggression and hyperactivity. Advanced techniques such as Thoracic radiography and echocardiography are used to examine and treat the disease.

  • Cancers:

Of all the fatal diseases, cancer is the most calamitous one to be discovered till date. Cancers result due to formation of tumors and have the capability to cover many parts such as skin, blood, bones, muscles, Ears, Heart, Intestines, Kidneys, Liver and may other body parts. Cancers degrade the body part and in turn the body, very slowly and may kill the animal if not taken proper treatment and care.

  • Vestibular Disease:

Vestibular diseases are characterized by incoordination, frequent tumbling of animal, nausea, tilting of head and vomiting etc. conditions. These signs occur many times in an hour. What causes this disease is infection in the ears and exposure to the toxins etc. To diagnose this, various assessments such as MRI, blood and urine test, spinal fluid test and cytology are performed.

  • Hypoglycemia:

It is a condition when there is an excessive decrease in the blood sugar, resulting in low levels of energy and fatigue in the pets. An abrupt rise in the insulin level, such that it consumes the present sugar of the blood could be encountered. Rise in insulin may also be a side effect of previously consumed medicines and low levels of glucose. The cat which encounters this disease is taken to the vet immediately and doses are injected to increase the level of body glucose.

  • Pancreatitis:

Pancreatitis is the inflammation of pancreas, caused due to diabetes, bacterial or fungal infections, abdominal disorders or liver diseases. In this, the flow of pancreatic juice may be unregulated, causing symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite, weight loss, dehydration, depression, increased heartbeat and difficulty in respiration. To make this ineffective, primary checkups such as X-ray etc. are performed and treatment is done according to the outcomes.

  • Periodontal Disease:

It is an inflammation that occurs in the teeth and other mouth parts of the cat. The food that it intakes could get stuck in the teeth and could be a home to many bacterial infections. It could also cause conditions such as gingivitis and pus formation. This disease could occur in stages and to examine the hidden conditions of the tooth, X-rays is performed before offering any further treatment.

  • Cat Flu:

The influenza virus offers H1N1 syndrome to the cats apart from dogs, pigs and ferrets. This is a worldwide phenomenon which results in cough, sneeze, exhaustion, loss of appetite, runny nose, fever and breathing disabilities. Physical examination and PCR testing are the methods which could help you get the right method for its treatment.

  • Cat Scratch Disease:

Also jargoned as Bartonellosis, this disease is a contagious one. It causes irritation in the skin favoring scratching effects. Other consequences such as small round bumps, swelling in the body, fever, lethargy and muscle pains may be appear. To cure this, blood samples may be collected by the vet to find out any serious disorders and the medications follow this.

  • Demodectic Mange:

This is a feline disease which occurs when the immune system of the cat is not able to check the number of mites in the body. It could inhibit chances of hair loss, skin disorders and other body diseases. To reduce the disease, treatments such as injectable doramectin, topical moxidectin, Lime sulfur dips, oral ivermectin or milbemycin treatments may be given as per the needs.

  • Ringworm:

This disease occurs in cats which have considerably long hair. Also known as Dermatophytosis, it is a fungal infection that affects the skin, hair, nails and paws of the cat.  This syndrome accompanies irritation, redness, dandruff, hair loss and patchy skin etc. symptoms. To eradicate this, vets perform skin biopsy and skin clipping treatments to find out the plight of the disease.

  • Alopecia:

This is a medical term for the disease which causes a loss in the hair of cat. Hair loss occurs due to various causes such as imbalance in the hormones, improper nourishment provided, increased level of steroids, parasitic infections, fungal and ringworm disorders etc. These could result in loss of hair with formations of bumps, red skin, sores and fever in cats. To treat this, blood tests, ultrasounds and hormonal secretion checks are offered to the cats.

  • Scabies:

Often disregarded, this is one of the prime disorders in the cat’s skin. Scabies is caused due to mites that are present in the body of pets and an excessive increase in their number could result in hair loss, red bumps, patchy skin and discoloration of the skin. Rush to the vet as soon as possible as this disease could affect humans and other pets too.

These are some of the prominent diseases that affect the body of cats and when under-looked, could pose serious troubles to the pets and the pet-keeper. Therefore, if you encounter any sort of disorder in the body of cats, better dash to the vet hurriedly or these diseases lay havoc on the body and could cost the life of the pets.

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